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Many individuals throughout Texas and the U.S. rely on medical drugs to improve a compromised health condition and to make their lives better. When you are prescribed such medications by your doctor, you expect those products to be safe and effective. However, pharmaceutical companies sometimes market products that later prove to be unsafe with a high risk of harmful side effects. These side effects can cause dangerous and sometimes irreversible health problems. These medicines are known as defective drugs and have led to thousands of claims and lawsuits by the injured public seeking compensation for their ensuing medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost income, permanent disability, and more.

At the Haugen Law Firm, P.C., we provide experienced and dedicated legal help for anyone who has suffered injury from a defective drug. These are complicated and challenging cases due to the fact that we often must take on large pharmaceutical companies that may have almost unlimited financial resources. However, we believe in holding negligent corporations accountable for the injuries our clients sustain due to negligence or concealment of the risks involved in taking these defective drugs. Our Denton County defective drug lawyers will fight for the compensation you deserve in such cases.

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Drug Injury Cases in Texas

Over the past decades, hundreds of medical drugs have been introduced into the marketplace supposedly designed to alleviate compromised health conditions or to extend and save the lives of their users. Yet the claims that these pharmaceutical companies make often result in more injury and even death as a result. In past lawsuits, these companies have been shown to conceal the risk of very serious side effects and to make misleading claims about the safety of their products. In some cases, these drugs are recalled by the FDA. In other cases, the FDA issues “black box” warnings advising doctors and patients of the very real risks involved in their use.

Examples of past and current defective drugs include but are not limited to the following:

  • Zantac, which has been associated with cancer from ranitidine, its main ingredient
  • Valsartan, a blood pressure drug associated with liver damage, cancer risk, reduced kidney function, and increased potassium in the blood
  • Proton pump inhibitors, such as Prevacid, Nexium, and Prilosec causing kidney injuries, diseases, and failure
  • Gadolinium, used as a dye in MRIs linked to nephrogenic system fibrosis, a fibrosis skin and internal organ disease
  • Elmiron, a drug used for the treatment of bladder disease which has led to eye damage that can cause vision problems and even blindness
  • Actos, a diabetes drug associated with a risk of bladder cancer
  • Fosamax, a drug used to treat osteoporosis that led to litigation due to its side effects of causing femur fractures and damage to the jaw
  • Testosterone medications with claims that they increase risk for blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes

In many of the above cases, claims include the fact that pharmaceutical companies engaged in misleading marketing or concealment of potential side effects, placing profits over the health of consumers. This negligence is often the result of failing to provide enough clinical testing or trials and rushing products to the marketplace. When such negligence occurs, these companies need to be held accountable for the injuries that they have incurred. Often these injuries are severe, leading to a deteriorated health condition that can be irreversible or lead to death.

Turn to the Haugen Law Firm, P.C. for Dedicated Legal Assistance

Unfortunately, the lives of individuals who take a dangerous or defective drug may be permanently changed for the worse. While recovery may be limited or impossible, you do have the right to pursue compensation for your damages in a civil claim or lawsuit. Our firm strongly believes in holding negligent pharmaceutical companies liable for the physical, emotional, and financial damage they cause to patients seeking medical treatment. Our Denton County defective drug attorneys offer caring and committed legal representation seeking justice for the injured.

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