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In the legal world, a “tort” is a civil wrong. These are wrongful acts leading to injury suffered by victims, whether committed intentionally or by negligence. Tort law is that body of law that is used to compensate these victims with monetary damages through civil claims and lawsuits against the wrongdoers. These are civil actions as opposed to prosecutions in criminal court seeking criminal penalties. Sometimes, punitive damages are ordered as well by civil courts but these generally only add additional monies to the victims’ compensation. On the other hand, criminal law focuses on punishing wrongdoers for their violation of statutory law established to protect society against physical harm. These punishments include such things as jail or prison time.

At the Haugen Law Firm, P.C., we concentrate much of our practice on helping individuals injured through negligence on the part of others. When many injured parties have suffered similar injury from one or a few negligent parties, this is called a “mass tort.” The defendants in these types of cases are often large corporations whose products or services are defective or flawed in some way. These defects or flaws then lead to the unexpected and undeserved injuries of the public who use those products in good faith. Our firm is fully experienced in representing such injured parties in mass tort claims and litigation in Texas.

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Mass Tort Cases in Texas

Mass tort cases that have occurred or are still in play today are those involving asbestos exposure that causes mesothelioma, a type of cancer, in many people and silicon breast implants that were used on women in the 1980’s. The Hollywood movie “Erin Brockovich” showed another mass tort case in which contaminated water caused serious illnesses in townspeople who used it. The water problem was attributed to a local energy corporation that could be sued for damages.

Our firm represents Texas clients in mass tort cases such as those involving:

  • Defective medical devices such as hip implants, knee replacements, IUDs, and more
  • Defective drugs, such as Zantac and the blood pressure medicine valsartan
  • Product liability involving defective consumer products or their parts, as in faulty brakes, airbags, or seatbelts in cars, faulty or toxic e-cigarettes, and others

These types of cases are complex and lengthy. The burden of proof in any lawsuit seeking damages rests on the plaintiffs (the party or parties bringing the suit). They often require months of “discovery” in which both sides exchange information about the case. These cases also require the testimony of expert witnesses. These highly qualified witnesses will testify in court to help prove the claims of harm and the extent of the damages.

For one individual alone, this can be an expensive proposition; the costs of proving a case can be substantial. However, in mass torts, the costs of discovery and expert witnesses can be shared among the plaintiffs instead of each one being required to do the entire process alone. Mass torts also provide economy for the court system. Instead of large numbers of individual lawsuits overwhelming the system, plaintiffs who have sustained injuries from the same defendant can be grouped together in one case.

Do You Have a Case for a Mass Tort?

If you believe your or someone you love has suffered harm that is already part of or could become a mass tort claim, you can turn to the Haugen Law Firm, P.C. Our Denton County mass tort lawyers have a high level of experience and provide compassionate legal service. We recommend that you discuss your case involving injuries from a pharmaceutical, medical, or other consumer product with us to determine your legal options. Work with a team that is client-focused and results-driven fighting for the compensation you deserve.

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